If You Can’t Say Something Nice About The Dead….

You really had to be there…in full adulthood …to really know what it was like to live under Margaret Thatcher….whether in Norn Iron or in “the United Kingdom”.

Certainly in 1974, she seemed destined to be remembered as Thatcher Milk Snatcher, the Education Minister and token woman in Ted Heaths Government. She memorably took free milk out of schools.

Yet within a couple of years she became….and everyone thought she was a joke candidate …Leader of the Conservative Opposition and Prime Minister of Britain….the first woman in 1979. And,helped by a Labour Opposition which was frankly unelectable in the1980s, she was a “conviction politician” (if we are being ice to her) or “divisive”. (If we are not being nice).

Do any course on Gender Politics…and I have…and her name comes up. Usually in the context of does a woman have to become”male” to succeed in politics. Must she be heartless, a gun toting frontiers woman like Sarah Palin?

She was memorably the Iron Lady and no doubt we will see that footage of Thatcher in the tank. We will hear her say that the Ladys Not For Turning. We might hear reference to Attila the Hen and see her Spitting Image chomping on her cigar. We will hear references to the Belgrano. and hopefully see footage of her being tackled on a TV phone in by a lady (Diana Gould???) over that war crime….and watch Thatchers discomfort as she is tackled by a WOMAN.

There are two Thatcher legacies. She said that there is no such thing as Society…a view probably shared by Mick Philpott. And she privatised the banks, building societies, electricity, water and railways. That all ended well didn’t it?

If we are paying a price for the greed….there is also the sheer nastiness…friend to apartheid Seth Effrikka and the entourage she had around her …Tebbitt, Baker, St John Stevas, Alan Clark, Gummer and the rest….and the “wets” who were not strong enough.

The woman who went into Downing Street quoting St Francis of Assisi. The woman who left Downing Street in tears. The woman who announced risibly “we are a grandmother”.

And of course the Hunger Strikes. And Brighton.

But her legacy is not just a Think Tank. Or even David Cameron and George Osborne. Her legacy is ….Tony B Liar. Without Thatcher, there would have been no Blair.

Of course we will have several days of faux mourning for a woman now universally reviled, except by the most die-hard right wing types. But we will also have a “vilest man in Britain” headline n The Sun…for the backbench Labour MP who dares to say he/she will not mourn the passing of one of the nastiest pieces of work that British politics ever encountered. We might even have some arrests over offensive tweets on Twitter. How many will actually post a Facebook status that says “Maggie Maggie Maggie…Dead Dead Dead”.

Faux Mourning. I am not near a TV. Are BBC presenters wearing black ties? Doesn’t she want a State Funeral? And yet I can put up with several days of eulogising, safe in the knowledge that Thatchersdeath and mixed reaction has come too soon to influence the result of a General Election.

See what I hate most about Thatcher is that I actually hate her. She taught me how to hate….more than any other individual…and I can’t forgive that.

So she is dead. American networks…not just Fux…will praise her and probably not understand the mixed reaction in Britain.

So I wonder what Have I Got News For You will make of it. Or Frankie Boyle.

Her grave as a Memorial Dance Floor. Or Memorial Urinal. Dancing in the streets in Buenos Aires, Falls Road…and the Vatican. Hell is now officially full. In some form or other, these things will be said.

And maybe that’s Thatchers legacy. She spoke Hatred.

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12 Responses to If You Can’t Say Something Nice About The Dead….

  1. hoboroad says:

    Well at least the BBC is mentioning her great idea the poll tax which is good news for Mr Salmond if he plays it right.

  2. hoboroad says:

    She who must be obeyed
    Attila The Hen
    The Great White She- Elephant

    No not some left-wing politicians view of Margaret Hilda Thatcher but what Tory MP’s called her behind her back of course. Just remember that when you see some of the gushing tributes paid to that woman.

    • I think that it was Julian Critchley who coined Attilla The Hen. He unsurprisingly never got anything from her. He only joined the Tories because the women were nicer looking than the Liberal Party women.
      Norman St John Stevas…Catholic and friend of the “royals” called her The BlessedMargaret .
      But the Tory Old Guard referred to her as “the Grocers Daughter”.

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Let’s not forget the Ulster Unionists who started off thinking she was Churchill, Randolph not Winston, till along came the Anglo Irish Agreement.
    “Let’s all resign our seats and get 500000 votes”
    They never tried that one again.

  4. hoboroad says:

    Old lemon sucker put to much trust in Lady Hacksaw and paid the price.

  5. bangordub says:

    I’ve paid my little tribute on my own spot of the winternet. http://bangordub.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/obituary-the-grocers-daughter/
    Apparently I’m being on the fence.

  6. sammymcnally says:

    The most damaging right-wing policy since WW2 was thanks to Labour and Blair in Iraq NOT the evil Tories – at least Thatch listened to the foreign office e.g. signing the AIA.

    … and the self-righteous hypocricy of the British Labour party who didnt even try to reverse any of her ‘evil right wing policies’ and the ‘left’ who re-elected the Labour Party after the war. One can only imagine what would have been said about Thatch if she had invaded Iraq in those circumstances.

    … and although I disagreed with her policies I admired her guts – she had an above average amount (for a politiican) of principle and generally told it how she saw it.

    The Iron Lady – rust in Peace (stolen from elsewhere).

  7. James says:

    I think the most damning thing about the woman is at how much pains the media are trying to find something nice to say about her. It’s all well and good saying how she stuck to her principles but so did Hitler.

    • James…I have resolved to live a sinful life of Drink, Drugs and Women.
      Whatever I do, I won’t go to Hell…as it now has a full set including Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, Osama Bin Ladin and Margaret Thatcher.

  8. sammymcnally says:


    Thatch shifted the centreground of British politics to the right – a location in which the ‘left’ now sits comfortably in and show no inclination to move away from whilst all the time (hypocriticaly) bemoaning Thatch for dragging them screaming and kicking onto that same middle ground.

    There were many downsides for many people to Thatch’s ‘reign-of-evil’ but there can be little doubt that Britain with its ridiculous crypto-Marxist trade-unionists which had the Labour party and the country by the balls needed a serious kick up the jacksie and Thatch delivered it.

    In terms of the concept of ‘evil’ then the the Labour Party and Blair are way ahead of the Tories and Thatch – but that doesnt seem to fit in with the outbreak of trendy poltical bandagonery that her death has sparked.

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