A Minutes Silence…Part Deux

Further to last nights post in which I speculated about a One Minutes Silence at Old Trafford as a mark of respect for Margaret Thatcher, there is an update.

The Chairman at Wigan Athletic (Dave Whelan) and the Chairman at Reading (John Madejski) have called on the FA Premier Leagufacial arrange this. I think it is important to say that these men ..n both at minor clubs …are in the traditional image of football chairmen….self made men like Bob Lord (Burnley), Peter Swales (Manchester City) and Louis Edwards (Manchester United).  Traditionally these men are Tories.

Interestingly, Dave Whelan has said that its a decision for the Premiership but that he was   hopeful his “lads” would support it. In fairness to him, he says that this should be applicable to all former prime ministers.

If I recall correctly, John Madejski has form for making comments which are political. But his call for a minutes silence and black armbands at his clubs home game against….wait for it…..Liverpool!!!!

A Minutes Silence for Thatcher…observed by Liverpool fans….now that won’t end well, will it? So what is Madejski playing at? Are Tories and the Media going to use bad behaviour at Brixton, West Belfast and Glasgow …and the Madejski Stadium possibly to boost their electoral chances?

Football is of course traditionally a working class sport which is watched by middle class people in the 21st century. Wigan is of course a Labour town and the catchment area for the club is probably pro-Labour in sentiment. The balance of probability is that the majority of Wigans fans are Labour. Now this in no way means that they would be against honouring Thatcher but hard to see that honouring her would be universal.

Reading has two constituencies…both comfortably Conservative. And the Berkshire hinterland…even more so.

But surely there must be a conscience clause….surely no Premiership official or Club Chairman can discipline a player…an employee…for thinking that Thatcher should not be honoured.

Courageously James McClean (Sunderland and Ireland) from Derry has refused to wear a shirt with a poppy on it at Remembrance time in Britain.

We really need to get away from Grief being organised and manipulated. Maybe this will be a catalyst.

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4 Responses to A Minutes Silence…Part Deux

  1. Political Tourist says:

    Wasn’t it Thatcher who brought in all seater stadiums.
    Vaguely remember she was dissuaded from putting a membership scheme in place which meant nobody could have bought a one off ticket on the day of the game.
    And away fans were to be banned.

  2. factual says:

    There were some Rugby Union games with a minutes silence such as London Irish v Exeter.

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