Ding Dong! The Boys Of The Old Brigade?

I have never downloaded any msic in my life so I dont understand all that ITunes stuff…and please dont explain it to me because I dont need to know.

But the story of “Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead” is an interesting piece of modern culture. This song has been adopted as the unofficial anthem of anti-Thatcherites. It is of course distasteful. But no more distasteful than spending £10 million pounds of public money on the funeral of a multi millionaire former politician.

The funeral is to a de facto State funeral for a woman who was divisive and who claimed there is no such thing as Society. It is absurd….beyond satire. Yet I think Thatchers funeral is in a way and end to the chapter in British History which began with Lady Dianas funeral.

Where is the screen play “Two Funerals, One Wedding, One Jubilee, One Olympics and Several Banks Collapsing”.

Apparently ardent Thatcherites are encouraging folks to download a song called” We Love Margaret Thatcher” so if nothing else Thatcher has singlehandedly revived the British music industry. Having killed off coal mining, steel manufacture and ship building, it seems fitting.

Yet the BBC have decided not to play the song on its chart show. They will play a four second clip with a journalist providing context. That seems odd. A song from The Wizard of Oz is hardly offensive…so no reason to ban it. So it is actually being banned because of the context…what the people who paid for it were THINKING. That seems bizarre.

For all the advocates of “new media”…Facebook, Twitter, Blogging…it seems an unexpected twist. As we saw with the London Riots, or our flegs protest…the instant Tinternet shows any sign of “influence”…it is curtailed.

Yet…a thought. It now seems possible to make a major political point for a couple of pounds and you dont even have to leave your house.

A lesson for flegs protestors? Just download 40,000 copies of The Sash My Father Wore. Or Republicans can download 40,000 copies of the Boys of The Old Brigade.

Offesive songs? Well possibly. So it might be even better to download something entirely innocent but witha hint of satire…and the BBC will actually ban it.

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7 Responses to Ding Dong! The Boys Of The Old Brigade?

  1. hoboroad says:

    I thought it was True Blue by Madonna they were trying to get to the top of the hit parade to honour Maggie. Still I suppose a love song about Madonna’s then husband Sean Penn who is firmly on Argentina’s side when to comes to the Falklands dispute is a bit much. And Madonna herself of course portrayed Eva Peron in the film Evita.

  2. factual says:

    Shipbuilding by Elvis Costello:

  3. I particularly enjoyed one Tory MP claiming on British TV that Thatcher would be unhappy with a ban by the BBC because she was an opponent of censorship. It would seem that an awareness of Ireland and the history of British misrule in Ireland continues to be non-existent in British popular culture. Even when it is less than three decades old.

    • Yes I saw that.
      But this funeral has taken on a life of its own…if you see what I mean.
      It sets a precedent. And for a country that claims Tradition and Continuity, that’s an uncomfortable place.
      It’s a State Funeral by Stealth. And takes hierarchy and protocol out of the hands of Royalty and their courtiers and into the Conservative Party.
      There is now a NEW ESTABLISHMENT and Royalty is actually marginalised just a year after the Jubilee pomp.
      Britain values or claims to have Tradition on its side but in effect this Ceremonial Funeral is the bastard child of Diana Spencer’s Ceremonial Funeral.
      The British system can’t just make up Tradition without looking extremely foolish.

      This is a genuinely defining moment. And the month after the funeral won’t really be the time to understand what is happening. But in twenty years….

  4. hoboroad says:

    According to Danny Morrison the writer of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead was blacklisted during the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950’s. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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