Ding Dong! Jeremy Clarkson

Does anyone sum up the worst aspects of the 21st century more than Jeremy Clarkson? Had we even heard of him ten years ago?

Clarkson is little more than a motoring journalist who got lucky. He presents Top Gear with two other petrol heads but he is the alpha male . Loud and Indeed a loud mouth.

Petrol Heads don’t drive the kinda cars that ordinary decent folks drive….a Kia Carens since you ask. They drive NEW cars. They drive EXPENSIVE cars. They drive FAST cars….and they like to be seen doing it. Which means they have little time for speed limits, speed cameras, parking restrictions, vehicle taxation, global warMing.and cyclists. Especially cyclists.

Clarkson has made a career out of being controversial. Top Gear is merely the day job. Panel Shows, newspaper columns, friend of Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chipping Norton Set….he has become extremely rich being the poster boy for Political Incorrectness.

Love him or Loathe him….it is a carefully crafted persona. He takes pot shots at political correctness, the Labour Party,  Greens , foreigners and when challenged, retreats behind being a national character or even a National Treasure. When he goes too far….he can blame that he was taken out of context or even a VICTIM of Political Correctness.

So …..a year ago on a live TV show, he suggested that strikers should be shot dead in front of their families.

The BBC received thousands of complaints. Clarkson apologised. He affected to be wounded that people would take him literally. He did not seriously want strikers shot dead….well, yes that’s true oOf course but nevertheless for one of the BBCs stars to talk in those terms is de-humanising.  It cheapens discourse.

So if a Celebrity jokes about murder on a TV show in front of two million people…that’s ok….not criminal. But if a teenager puts a similar comment about police on Facebook….that’s not ok. Thats…criminal.

One law for Celebrities.

Unsurprisingly Jeremy Clarkson is a guest at Margaret Thatchers funeral. The BBC agonises about that Ding Dong song….and doesn’t wish to offend. Double standards.

There is a screenplay waiting to be written. Two Funerals, One Wedding, One Jubilee, One Olympics and Too Many Bankers. Diana’s funeral and Thatchers funeral bookend sixteen years of tackiness.

The funeral will stand the test of time, It will be studied by historians, people too cowered now to speak about the nauseating spectacle that it is.

Diana was divorced from the Royal Family. As such she was not entitled to the State Funeral that the Daily Mail and The Sun demanded. Someone wrote the words “Ceremonial Funeral” on the back of a cigarette packet and hey presto….we had a precedent. A “ceremonial funeral” is de facto a State Funeral.

Thatcher is having a ceremonial funeral…all the trappings of a State Funeral, while pretending that it is not a State Funeral. Thatcher….who never served a day in uniform will be put on a gun carriage and paraded thru Londons streets with seven hundred troops. She was never a “royal. Never a commander-in-chief.

Oddly Britain values TRADITION. BRITAIN HAS NOW INVENTED TRADITION. That will have consequences.

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17 Responses to Ding Dong! Jeremy Clarkson

  1. factual says:

    Hi FJH any plans to blog on the ardfheis? Its an important day for members, a day when policy is discussed and an empowering experience for those who attend.

    • Political Tourist says:

      “Those dodgy unionists are not playing the game”.
      Shared futures and all that.
      That would about cover it.

      • Argghhhhh I didn’t want to know.

      • factual says:

        Gerry Adams has pointed out that the ardfheis is a very empowering experience for SF members as they get to make a real input to party policy.

        I was hoping you might comment on proceedings as they come across on telly, north of the border.

      • Oh don’t be so silly.
        Party political conferences are not empowering for rank and file members. If they empowered members, political parties would not hold them.
        And Sinn Fein has a politburo au that makes damned sure that what they say goes.
        In your previous comment you said that this was an empowering experience for members.
        In your most recent comment you say that Gerry Adams says this.
        Is Gerry Adams so fascinated by you that he agrees with you.
        Or are you so in awe of Gerry Adams that you just parrot everything he says.

        The reason I am not discussing Sinn Fein Conference is that I don’t know enough about it. It’s in Castlebar. Im not.
        And it’s just not registering on my radar…although there has been an interesting faux pas by Martin McGuinness which might merit a thread.
        Ultimately it’s a Saturday, I have three grandchildren here. Also a stack of dishes to be put in the dishwasher (Slugger O’Toole has domestic servants to do that kinda thing) and To be honest this week has been pretty intense blogging wise…and online discussions.
        Gerry, Mary Lou will Im sure get a load of coverage this weekend…but when all is said and done….Sinn Fein are not the open book that other parties are.
        The really interesting thing about conferences is not the platform speeches.
        if the conference was in Belfast, it would of course be different….I went to the last Belfast one.
        Now before making your next comment, you might wish to consider whether or not it will be approved.

      • factual says:

        For the purposes of clarity, Gerry Adams stated that the ardfheis is empowering for members, and I agree with him 100%.

      • For the purposes of clarity, you always do.

    • Look Factual, IF you want, you can either start your own site and publish articles or if you would like you cant put something together on the Ard Fheis and send it to me and I’ll publish it so long as it is of a decent standard, entirely up to yourself.

      • Should be ‘can put something together’ as opposed to can’t

      • factual says:

        FC thanks for the offer, though I am not a blogger, I see myself as a commenter on blogs.

      • That may be the case, and we are all commentators, but blogging is in effect commenting, there’s little difference and I am certain FJH, BD, Enda, Sammy, Hobo et al would confirm that you really should not make any distinctions.

        Think it over sure, if you change your mind or want to post on something aside from the Ard Fheis then let me know.

      • Simply put, the Sinn Fein Conference is too well organised for an independent pan nationalist blogger like myself to really get a good angle on.
        I speak with the experience of being at a SF event at the Waterfront in Belfast a few years back.
        What happens around the fringes of a Conference, who is sitting beside whom at lunch or in the bar..or what you overhear (yes it really is that devious)…is really much more interesting that any set piece speech.
        Sinn Fein are always a bit guarded.
        Alliance are talkative….except when they are clearly blanking each other.

  2. and on that bombshell – goodnight

  3. hoboroad says:

    I have to agree with FC we all start off as commentators but sooner or later we all end up hosting our own Blog. It’s terrible but its true.

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