LetsGetAlongerism Interupted

We live in a decade which Conflict Resolutionists and LetsGetAlongerists aided and abetted by Historians have mapped out for us. It is The Decade of Centenaries, a series of events to show how much nationalists and unionists have in common and we can all live together in social engineered happiness.

Fortunately it is not working out very well. Norn Iron Football is often hawked by LetsGetAlongerists as one of the great unifying factors in our Society. This is of course complete nonsense.

Cliftonville FC in North Belfast has just won the Norn Iron Championship. Thru absolutely no fault of their own, in the last few decades, the club has been adopted by the city’s nationalist tribe. For much longer Linfield FC has been the team of choice of the loyalist tribe.League games are poorly attended. The quality is awful. But maybe at most 1,500 people (pathetic) attend games. It would be much less off it was actually about FOOTBALL but it’s about Tribalism and an excuse to hurl abuse at other tribes. The myth of  “togetherness” was well and truly exploded when Cliftonville supporters were seen to be involved in the carrying of a coffin draped in black and with a witch’s hat…a reference to Margaret Thatcher…and at Saturdays match against Linfield (Cliftonville clinched the title) obscene chants were exchanged. Welcome to Norn Iron.

Meanwhile the Unholy Trinity of LetsGetAlongerists, Conflict Resolutionists and “Historians” are working out how we should commemorate the Battle of the Somme. It will be one off those “days for everyone”. Those Ulster Division guys of the Ulster Volunteer Force belong to us all. Complete and utter crap of course. This year marks the centenary of the foundation of the Ulster Volunteer Force, set up as a paramilitary force to oppose Irish Home Rule but made”respec table” by fighting for Britain in the First World War. The paramilitary UVF was re-formed in 1966 and the first killings of the modern Troubles (John Scullion and Peter Ward) were committed by them that same year.

So in East Belfast this past weekend flags inscribed “UVF 1913” and featuring three unionist leaders of the time have appeared….along the route of a march to celebrate the event. The march will take place next weekend and the organisers claim that there is no linkage to the modern UVF. Most people will not accept that claim. Welcome to Norn Iron.

Yes ….Welcome to the REAL NORN IRON. Not the Norn Iron of Our Rory, Titanic, MTV Award Shows.

The Unholy Trinity have thankfully lost control of the agenda. They might well claim that their plans have been hijacked by tribal extremists. In fact a more honest observation is that the tribal extremes are holding on to their own History and resisting the hijack attempts by LetsGetAlongerists.

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23 Responses to LetsGetAlongerism Interupted

  1. Sir Ike Broflovski says:

    Sorry if this is a bit picky FJH but if sectarianism amongst football followers is evidence of “The Real Norn Iron” wouldn’t your argument be stronger if football actually had a following in Northern Ireland? You say yourself that it doesn’t really. In fact from your figures it seems that more people attend Ulster Rugby at Ravenhill on a rainy Friday night than the whole of the IFA Premiership on a Saturday afternoon.

    Are there two “Real Norn Irons” or are you specifically talking about institutions specifically labelled Norn Iron (like the football league) rather that the general culture amongst people who live here?

    • factual says:

      Good point. I think the numbers attending IFA premiership football on Saturdays is about the same as Ravenhill – about 11,000. Then there are the people who go to see the international side for both rugby and football. Both sets of fans are real. I don’t think its that fair on supporters to brand them “sectarian”. Some are no doubt but others aren’t. I think we should have learnt by now that there are probably many real Northern Irelands – many narratives and experiences north of the border. Ulster Rugby has been a great success in uniting people of many different kinds behind one side.

    • Ulster Rugby…and I have no time for the sport, the class that supports it and the whole faux LetsGetAlongerist nonsense around it…has unfortunately made strides to make the team acceptable to two tribes…has at least got advantage of having high calibre international players and they play against Munster, Harlequins, Leinster, Cardiff, Sale, Toulouse etc.
      It’s one step below international level.
      Distillery versus Glenavon is several steps below international level…even Norn Iron international team.

      Two Norn Irons…well there is the One the Tourist Office promotes and the stark reality of Cliftonville fans carrying Thatcher coffins and community workers hanging out UVF flags in East Belfast.

  2. Sir Ike Broflovski says:

    I noticed elsewhere that you’re a country rock fan FJH. It’s also a guilty pleasure of mine.

    Have you noticed the recent fuss in the US around the horrible car crash of an inter-genre “letsgetalongerist” collaboration called “Accidental Racist” by Brad Paisley (no relation afaik) and LL Cool J? If not you should Google it. I think you might find it an endorsement of your scepticism. Once you’ve finished squirming have a look at the recent Saturday Night Live sketch about it. To be fair to Mssrs Paisley and er “Cool J” they seem (also in real life) to accept that the song “isn’t perfect”.

    There’s a more interesting discussion about the Neil Young / Lynyrd Skynyrd “Southern Man” vs “Sweet Home Alabama” exchange which I think Mr Paisley might have had in mind when he wrote his part of the song but not even the most generous fan of the genre could he’s handled this at all well. At least iTunes lets you delete songs from albums!

    • Certainly a fan of country rock.
      I will certainly check that out when I’m home.
      Country music is a bit strange because many of the best have views which are a bit right wing…others very much so.
      The 1970s was good because of Emmylou, Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles.
      When we first got satellite around 1995 there was a channel called CMT which was the first time we had listened to country in years and introduced us to a whole new group of people we had never heard of.
      Particuarly fond of Radney (sic) Foster, Patty Loveless, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alison Kraus. Them the channel went off the air about 1997.
      They tend to overdo the homespun “poor white” philosophy…and groups like Confederate Railroad are very much into that. Check out “Elvis and Andy” ” Summer in Dixie” and “Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind” on You Tube.
      A few years ago I was browsing You Tube and came across a singer called Johhny Rebel (if I remember correctly). Obviously it’s a stage name but he and others are part of a sub genre of country music which is racist. It never sees the light of day here.
      I’ve tried without success to do searches where I wanted to find musicians, movie stars etc who were racist.

  3. factual says:

    FJH I was wondering if you could clarify why my post was removed by the mods?

  4. sammymcnally says:

    I had a look at the Cliftonville website and the crowd for the ‘derby’ league decider was TBA – which could be translated as T (cant think of anything )BOLLOX ALL.

    Could also be translated as embarassingly-low-considering-it-was-such-a-‘ big’-game-that-we-decided-not-to-tell-anyone.

    There is only one (football) thing more embarassing that Irish league fottball (North and South) attendances and that is Irish ‘supporters’ of British teams calling them ‘my’ and ‘our’ team. What the feck is that about?


    re. “the class that supports it and the whole faux LetsGetAlongerist nonsense around it”

    Down South the game is increasingly played by the (politically correct) working classes and of ocurse in Limerick where the great unwashed give a lash.

    Casement Park will be a venue for the rugby world cup if Ireland (North and South) win their bid to stage the contest – the times they are a changing for the better and I suspect such attitude as you exprress will be dying out amongs ‘ussuns’ – though I suspect you will be not be for turning.

    I don’t think you are the sectarian type of guy but GAA and Rugby are forging (letsgetalongerist) links at club level – and quite how anyone could be against that is beyond me.

    • factual says:

      We surely have quite a good chance of hosting the World Cup, don’t you think, Sammy? Imagine how great that would be. I think it was great that the GAA voted to allow that.

      • sammymcnally says:


        I really think they have – and even if they dont get the WC – would be great to see Casement Park hosting an Ireland international or/and an Ulster game.

    • The problem is that I am the kinds person who does “get along”
      When I refer to LetsGetAlongerism, I tend to mean people who use it as a political philosophy.
      Interestingly I was at a debate in July 2011 at a UUP office in East Belfast. It was a UUP Youth and SDLP Youth affair on Orange Order and GAA.
      The star turn on the panel was a very high profile GAA figure who is involved in Outreach to unionists. He was absolutely brilliant. But oddly in my view…one of his suggestions was the BBC do not show the National Anthem in GAA Championship games.

      • sammymcnally says:

        re. “one of his suggestions was the BBC do not show the National Anthem in GAA Championship ”

        I think we should drop all that malarkey in Rugby.

        Who was yer GAA man?

      • Oh I can’t say who it was…but he gave out tickets for some big games at Croker..to the unionists.
        It should be in my archives. Although this Blog didn’t actually start until August 2011,I certainly remember blogging it on a USA site.
        Must try and find it and re-publish.
        Back in those days Very few viewed my blog. To be honest these days I am a bit overwhelmed keeping up with things.

      • factual says:

        FJH I know I annoy you from time to time but I hope it cheers you up to know don’t comment on any other blog – this is the best !

    • Ach, I almost regret pinging you with that black spot now Sammy… But sure, we always knew you were man of the sweetest nature and decent instincts…

      • sammymcnally says:


        re. “Ach, I almost regret pinging you with that black spot now Sammy… But sure, we always knew you were man of the sweetest nature and decent instincts…”

        Astute observation there – my terms for a return to Slugger are very reasonable.

        1) The site to be renamed Sammy-McNally-what-done-it.com

        2) Slugger logo (little red man) to be only displayed on 17 designated days.

        3) Black spot to be rebranded as recognition of ‘sweetest nature and decent instincts’

        4) Pete Baker’s profile to be amended to include the words ‘although I disagree with him I have nothing but the greatest of respect for Gerry Adams(and his Iirish language skills) – which is why I post about him so much.

        5) I have the right to amend all of Pete Baker’s articles to include one of the following phrases

        a) “I’m not sure that the astute observer of political events Sammy McNally will agree with me but ”

        b) “I will need have to ask Sammy McNally’s opinion on this”

        c) “Please see the following article by Sammy McNally for excellent background and context”

        6) Truth and reconcilliation commission to examine all historical disciplianry issues where the use of cards was involved with the right to approve and administer corporal punishment.

        7) Slugger’s annual accounts to be sent to and require the approval of FJH.

        8) Others conditions TBA (where the A stands for announced by me) .

      • Sammy drives a hard bargain but I like #7
        But the designated logo days are interesting.
        How many do we really need
        1 Quintin Oliver’s Birth in a lonely stable in Bethlehem.
        2 Mick Fealtys Birthday
        3 Sheldons Birthday
        4 Dimbebys Birthday.
        5 Gladys Ganiels Birthday.
        6 Andy Pollaks Birthday.
        7 Andy Pollak Beatification Day.
        8 David Fords Cats Birthday
        9-47 Ian Parsleys Anniversary of his Defections.
        48 World Stratagem Day.
        49 12th July…it’s a day for everyone.
        50 McUnionist Day.
        51 Naomi Longs Birthday.
        52 Dawn Purvis Birthday.
        53 Robin Wilsons Birthday.
        54 Duncan Morrows Birthday.
        55 Lundy Day where effigy of FJH is burned by the new LetsGetAlongerist Loyal Order…The Intern Boys and Girls of Stratagem.

        Far too many in my view.

  5. Crawling gets you everwhere Factual! Peronlly I would let the rugby and soccer people out – why encourage them?

  6. Some of us were Glens supporters, before, during and after the Troubles… 😉 And Sammy’s right. They are playing in Dungloe and Glenties these days… amongst a class of Irishmen and women I am proud to be part of… (not that you bitter townies would know… 😉

    • Ah the Glensmen.
      I certainly recall John Colrain Arthur Stewart and all that that Was Terry Conroy one?
      And yes my classmates circa 1967 included supporters.
      A co worker played for them in 1980s.
      A certain politician often prayed for him.

      • They were the local, ‘I’m not a Blueman’ option… before the population shifts of the late 60s and early 70s transformed large areas of Belfast…

      • Population Shifts????
        At least it wasn’t an anti-Catholic program.
        But you’re right about the anti-LinfieLd thing.
        The old Distillery ground was nearest to me and briefly challenged the Blues and became the Falls Road team for a while.
        Martin O’ Neill was just emerging then. And Gerry McCaffrey on fringe of Norn Iron team.
        I used to go watch the Whites every so often. Pretty violent riots, particuarly one Ards-Distillery final.

  7. Political Tourist says:

    Never been to rugby match (personally think it’s a boring game) but ive been to plenty of GAA and Soccer games.
    Northern soccer should be called the Prod League not unlike the railways being called Prod Rail.
    Come on it’s true and we all know it.
    Couple of stats, sports fans like stats.
    Top GAA games say 2004 All Ireland semi-final Fermanagh and Mayo, crowd 63,000 at the first game which was a draw and 40,000 at the replay
    Top Irish League game, has any cup final had more than 10,000 there in recent years.
    The paying public at northern soccer games have vanished because the product isn’t second or third class, it’s below even the southern level.
    Now if Manchester Utd were to play their home games in Belfast with a new 80,000 seater stadium then stand by for it being full every home game.

    FJH, keep up the good work.
    Complete saddos like me luv it.
    Btw, i found you and BD by googling Bangor Catholic, how sad is that.
    Next time i might try Falls Rd Protestant.

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