Manchester United…Champions for the TWENTIETH Time.

And Celtic yesterday.

Happy Days.

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10 Responses to Champions!

  1. Mick says:

    First unadulterated happy post in months… Congratulations… Enjoy it whilst u can!! 😉

    • Thank you. Although that 1.3% vote for the Aliance Party….”north of 1%” made me even happier. Im sure you and the boys at Slugger and the boys over at Stratagem were not quite so happy.
      Im looking forward to your Premiership Victory thread on Slugger where you may wish to use the catchphrase “its a day for all of us”.
      Its a long way to August for Manchester City fans but ….always look on the bright side of life….over the summer there will be a couple of Belfast Telegraph surveys to keep you smiling.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Fair play to Alex Ferguson.
    Seems a long time since he was blamed for costing the current buns the 1969 cup final.
    Still, nice to see the local team from Salford winning something.

  3. Dear me FJH…what about our own local Reds, Cliftonville? Great to see their fans abided by their principles and didn’t go to the match.

  4. sammymcnally says:

    One of the great mysteries of the Nationalist psyche – how to accomodate ‘love’ for the English club ladyball teams and ‘hate’ for the English National ladyball team.

    How the feck is that contortion achieved?

    Surely soooner or later EUFA will organise/allow a couple of teams form the minor countries Ireland/Sweden etc and possibly Holland to play each other in a cross-country league. It sort of works even with Ruggerball in the ‘Celtic’ league (obviously works very for the (Heineken) cup.

    A single Belfast and single Dublin team competing in a Euro League would be the best football option for the island and bin all the ridiculous tribalism associated with Celtic/Rangers and Linfield/Clifotnville and people having to get on a ferry/plane to see ‘their’ team playing at home.

    … it is both ridiculous and embarassing we dont have any proper clubs in Ireland.

    …ought not to be allowed and down with that sort of thing.

    ps Hope Rooney goes to France.

  5. MPG ..... says:

    Can NOT agree with the first line of this post but none the less keep up the good work. Love it.

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