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So Farewell Then Andy Pollak

Andy Pollak has left his job at the Cross-Border Thing That Does Stuff (C-BTTDS) a leading letsgetalongerist thing, much loved on Slugger O’Toole. In his farewell address to the nation(s) published on Slugger, he expresss the view that he and … Continue reading

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Paddy Wilson…Forty Years Ago Tonight

On the night of 25th June 1973, one of the eight people who founded the SDLP was murdered. He was murdered with a friend in North Belfast. They died in horrific circumstances, too gruesome to recount here. Paddy Wilson visited … Continue reading

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Most Useless Building In Belfast

The most useless building in Belfast…and I include the Ulster-Scots Agency “The Big Hoos for Dafties”

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Ulster-Scots: You Couldnt Make It Up

Ulster Scots….You cant make it up. Well actually I think they DID make it up. Some photographs from the Ulster-Scots Agency. Remember this is a LANGUAGE. It beggars belief how much money has been squandered on this nonsense.

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Platform For Change: Coherent Education Panel

I was in Belfasts Holiday Inn last night at this PFC Event. I reckon about seventy five in attendance…although strangely some well known faces showed up and then disappeared together. I am not sure what all that was about. A … Continue reading

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Welcome Sluggerites And Sluggerettes!

I would like to thank Mick Fealty for referring you to this Blog. Mick claims I make no sense on this Blog. He might well be right….especially when I mention Slugger O’Toole and its wide circle of friends. So you … Continue reading

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Of Trolls And Sock Puppets

There is a school of thought that says one of my regular readers and commenters is a “troll”. Trolls are always irritating people. But irritating people are not always trolls. The question has been asked a few times. “Is Factual … Continue reading

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