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How Journalism Works?

So the Phone Hacking Trial started last week. A couple of journos have already decided to plead guilty. But interestingly the Trial revealed today that the two star defendants Rebekkah Brooks and Andy Coulson were having an affair for six … Continue reading

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Stuart Hall Jailed

Stuart Hall, for five decades the voice of the BBC in Manchester has been sent to prison for fifteen months for abusing young girls. Now in his eighties,the light sentence reflects his age. Yet it sends out a signal to … Continue reading

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The British Press. Victims Of Their Own Malice

Hyperbole….it can be defined as The Sun reporting that the “crisis” over Press Regulation as “D Day”. There is something particuarly hilarious about Journalists talking about their favourite subject…themselves. Hyperbole…yes but also Hypocrisy. Legislation is about the balance of ┬áRights. … Continue reading

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“One Rogue Reporter”

Remember when we were fed the line that there was no Phone Hacking Scandal. There was just one rogue reporter. It strikes me that for a profession which is about observing and reporting, Journalists are at least remarkably incompetent as … Continue reading

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Newspapers…Just Boycott Them

Apparently daily sales of newspapers have gone down from 13 million to 8million in just a decade. It strikes me therefore that the Newspaper industry are on thin ground congratulating themselves that they have David Cameron on their side and … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened the Leveson Inquiry

Thousands of people…….well ok……..ONE person has been asking why I no longer report on the Leveson Inquiry. Well basically I got tired but now I share reporting duties with two other folks at a dedicated site. Makes sense.

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The Leveson Inquiry…Witnesses Week 5 (Wednesday)

The Inquiry resumed today with Kelvin McKenzie in the witness box. More on this in due course. I have however just realised that I did not actually publish a post about the final day of hearing witnesses before Christmas. I … Continue reading

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