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LetsGetAlongerism…USA Style

Since 2010, I have ranted and raved (in a relatively sane way) about the heresy of LetsGetAlongerism. My warnings have fallen on deaf ears but I continue to tilt at these windmills. Indeed LetsGetAlongerism is a giant octopus spreading its … Continue reading

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Ambassador Shaun Hannity?

Here is a thought. When President Trump announces his ambassadorial appointments, could Shaun Hannity from Fux News be appointed to….Ireland? Or Bill O’Reilly?  

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US Presidential Election 2012…Fux News, Conservatives And Insanity

The default position of 95% of Europeans including myself is that American Republicans are insane‚Ķ.we simply dont speak the same political language. But Obama has disappointed¬†most Europeans and a considerable number of his own American supporters so how is it … Continue reading

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